To Buy/Order Custom Pet Portraits

If you are interested in having a unique quilled portrait of your pet please contact me. Include a phone # so I may contact or text you regarding the particulars. If this is an international order, or you would prefer it, we can communicate directly through email.

Prices vary with the size and complexity of the project. Most start at $150 – $200.

To order a portrait of your pet I need a photo of the pet in high deffinition, preferably at least 1 MB. I may crop the picture to make to make it workable for quilling. Additionally, 1-2 more photos help just for reference on coloring, shading and personality, these don’t have to be as high quality.

After I get the pictures I will give you a project price and payment options.

I will email you or text you with the cropped (if necessary) picture for your approval before I start to create the portrait.

Turnaround time for each portrait will vary with the requests I get. It usually takes about a week to complete a portrait. I will try to give you an approximate wait time after I receive your photos and payment for the portrait.

On completion I will send you a picture of the portrait. I use generic readily available frames usually with one or two white or cream mats and either a plain or fuzzy photo of greenery or such as background. Sometimes the background of the picture you send me helps me select a background. The quoted price I send you will include the generic framing.

If you would like custom framing I can send the completed portrait to you to take to a local shop or I can put you in touch with the local gallery I use, Davis Studios in Knoxville, to choose your frame and mats. Additional charges for her service are between you and Davis Studio.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the completed portrait I will keep the quilled piece to show/sell in my gallery as a “generic” pet portrait. I will then refund your payment minus a $50 work fee.