Paper Baskets-colorful and functional-09-06-18

Hanging to dry

An overview of making a real basket from painted paper.
You will learn the basics of Shaker basketry by making a basket of artists’ paper that is painted and cut into strips using a pasta machine. You will use these strips to weave a basket over a wooden mold. After it is tall enough you take it off the mold and make and lash on the rim of the basket with waxed thread. Once the rim is on you are done! I will take the baskets home and give them two coats of lacquer to stiffen and make the basket more durable. This process is smelly and can take most of a day as they need to dry between coats.
I will take the finished baskets back to the library in about a week so you can come and pick them up. Be sure and leave a phone # where we can leave a message or text to let you know when to come and get your creation.
Class is at the Burlington Branch of the Knox County Public Library. The class is free unless you have taken it before. Then there will be a charge of $7 to cover the cost of supplies used.
Class size is limited. Please register for the class so I know how much to bring!
To register: Call Burlington Brach Library at (865) 525-5431 or register at the circulation desk at 4614 Asheville Highway.

Quilling Jewelry | TBA

Quilling jewelry at White Fox Beads on Homberg Drive. In the 3 hour class we focus on learning the basic shapes and some of the ways they can be manipulated. These are combined to create lightweight, wearable pieces of jewelry.

All supplies for the basic quilling are included in the class fee. You may go home with a pair of earrings, a pendant or a number of little quilled shapes that have yet to incorporated into a design.

Sign up here.

One of the things I love about teaching this class is how, using the same papers and same techniques the pieces created by each person are different.

Additional quilling papers and supplies will be available for sale.

Basic Quilling 11-1-18

This is a free 2 1/2 hr class at the Burlington branch of the Knox County Library. The emphasis is on learning the rolling and curling of paper strips to create basic shapes. The shapes can be manipulated into other shapes and combined to make designs or pictures. The basic technique is simple to learn. The more we practice the more consistent our pieces become. We will be using the little pieces created to fill in an outline shape to make a card or a miniature work of art.

All class materials are provided. If the student wants to take home the tools used the class there will be a charge of $5 for the kit. For repeat students bringing their own tools to class there will be a $3 charge for the papers used in class.

Additional papers and supplies will be available for sale directly from the instructor.